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A space to talk about growing our businesses, families, & dreams. Pull up a seat, grab a glass of something you love (it's a dry rosé for me), & hang out for a while.

Why I Quit Training for A Marathon

I tend to have this cycle where I get really excited about something, decide to pursue it all out, invest a lot of time in it (and, sometimes, a lot of money), but then I eventually get discouraged by not being the best or as good as others or as fully committed as I once […]

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Health, Personal

August 16, 2018

4 Things I’ve Learned from Training for a Marathon

I texted my sister a couple months ago to ask if she would train for a marathon with me. She is the best runner I know, so I had a feeling she would be in for this nutty plan. To my delight, she didn’t hesitate at all before saying yes and started asking which half […]

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Health, Personal

June 28, 2018