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A space to talk about growing our businesses, families, & dreams. Pull up a seat, grab a glass of something you love (it's a dry rosé for me), & hang out for a while.

The “Every Gal’s” Gift Guide 2020: For Busy, Ambitious + Fun-Loving Women

I was helping one of my clients pull together her annual holiday gift guide and found myself sending her link after link of things I’ve bought or had my eye on lately. And then I was like, “Wait a second, why don’t I just pull all of these into one spot?!” I mean, I am […]

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Beauty, Career and Freelancing, Fashion, Personal

November 25, 2020

How to Set Small Goals to Change Your Life

Is it just me, or can setting ambitious goals feel unattainable or unrealistic at times? Especially those big-picture, long-term goals. Sure, yeah, in 10 years I’d love to own a house in the country and have a couple books published and have a few more figures in the bank and maybe have a mountain home […]

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Career and Freelancing, Fashion, Self Employed

August 23, 2018