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A space to talk about growing our businesses, families, & dreams. Pull up a seat, grab a glass of something you love (it's a dry rosé for me), & hang out for a while.

Erickson “Sonny” William’s Birth Story

Three weeks ago we welcomed a new little arrival to our family, Erickson William Skelton, or Sonny as we’re calling him. His birth story is as low-key and chill as he is (well, as low-key as delivering another human CAN be). He’s truly the most peaceful, sweet, snuggly baby and the perfect addition to our […]

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Family, Personal

January 31, 2023

Top 10 Baby Products I Wholeheartedly Recommend to New Parents

Can we talk about the insane amount of options for baby supplies, products, and STUFF that is available nowadays? It’s… a lot. I remember when I was creating my baby registry for Wally, I spent hours researching things like cribs, strollers, car seats… even diaper pails. There are endless options for EVERYTHING – and if […]

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January 3, 2023

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Interesting + Affordable Gift Ideas for Women

Are there one-million-plus gift guides out there? Yes, yes there are. Did I need to make one? No, no I do not. Do I still love making them? YEP. And thus, here we are—with my own lil’ gift guide, except I’m not just pulling random, unrealistic things that have high affiliate commission rates (*cough cough* […]

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November 21, 2022

2022 Blogging Trends: What to Actually Write About to Get Your Blog Posts Read

Do this if you want people to WANT to read your blog posts (consistently).

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Career and Freelancing, Creativity

February 24, 2022

11 Tips to Survive Long Road Trips with A Baby (or Toddler)

In Wallace’s short one year of life, he’s been on a total of four road trips. Counting there-and-back, that’s eight long car rides for our little buddy. Two of those were to Lake Tahoe (about 4.5 hours nonstop) and two were to Las Vegas (about 9.5 hours nonstop) to visit family. And every single time, […]

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Family, Personal

January 5, 2022

The Truth About Sales Pages & If You REALLY Need One

Have you ever wondered if you need a “professional” sales page for your digital offer (course, coaching, mastermind, membership, etc.)? Or maybe you’re slightly confused about what a sales page actually is… How is it different than any other landing page or services page on your website? BEEN THERE. It’s sorta confusing, especially as you […]

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Career and Freelancing

June 23, 2021

Wallace’s Birth Story

On January 4, 2021, Wallace Ronal Skelton was born at 3:44 pm, weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20.5 inches long. He came into the world with a splash and with the most beautiful sounding cry I’ve ever heard. Funny enough, January 4 was my original due date from my first doctor’s appointment when they […]

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January 14, 2021

How to Plan Financially for an Extended Leave in Your Business

The first thing I did as soon as I found out I was pregnant was… create a savings plan. Like, before even telling my husband a little peanut was on the way. (But that’s mostly because I wanted to tell him in a special way and be realllllly sure I was actually pregnant since I […]

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Career and Freelancing, Self Employed

December 18, 2020

Our Simple Gender Neutral Nursery Details

I feel like I’m a minimalist, but once we started figuring out what we needed for the nursery, I was overwhelmed by how much STUFF babies require! Our little nursery is about 10 by 10 feet, so I knew that would keep temper some of the goodies and gadgets. Plus, keeping it super gender neutral […]

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Home, Personal

December 12, 2020

10 Things Being Pregnant in a Pandemic Has Taught Me

Apparently I have a lot to say about this year—which is odd because doesn’t it simultaneously feel like NOTHING and SO MUCH has happened these past 11 months? Anyone else? I think 2020 has transformed most of us in some way. I’m constantly torn between wondering who the person is growing inside me, and who […]

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Career and Freelancing, Family, Health, Personal

December 4, 2020