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It primes your business for launches and conversions by getting your audience used to engaging with your brand.

You know that consistent content (like blog posts and newsletters) is vital:

It helps you develop and expand your brand voice and become a thought leader in your industry.

It builds a relationship between you and your audience, growing your know-like-trust factor.

It boosts your search engine optimization to get fresh eyes and traffic to your website.

It's a free way to serve, educate, inspire, entertain, and connect with your ideal clients and customers.

It endears your target audience to your brand as a knowledgeable (and likable!) resource in your industry.

Want digital content that tells a story, captures interest, & creates meaningful conversation?

Choose your package:

content writing, but make it actually fun to read.

If you’re looking for a writer who knows the technical side of digital content and SEO, as well as the creative stuff that makes your content fun to read—who can endear your audience to you and keep them coming back for more (ahem, and buying from you again and again)—you are in the right place. Let's make some content magic!

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the extensive:
15-20 hours of monthly content creation

the intermediate:
10-15 hours of monthly content creation

the standard:
5-10 hours of monthly content creation

the starter:
1-5 hours of monthly content creation

the Macro:
20-25 hours of monthly content creation

What to expect:

Based on the package you choose, you reserve the designated amount of my time to be used for your content creation every month, including blog posts, newsletters, podcast episodes, content strategy and brainstorming, and social media copy.

get your content taken care of for good.

A few nitty-gritty details...
- Blog posts take an average of 2 hours to draft
- Newsletters take an average of 1 hour to draft
- Podcast scripts take an average of 3 hours to draft
- All project hours tracked in shared Google Sheet
- You may adjust your package if needed 
- Packages start at $600 per month

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